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Miracle Lips Corrective Beauty Serum

Miracle Lips Corrective Beauty Serum

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The Miracle Lips SERUM is a natural WAX FREE spa treatment that counteracts the drying effects of wax lip products. Unlike wax, that coat the lip surface, Miracle Lips penetrates to the cellular level with hydrating natural butters and vitamins. Supports exfoliation of dry, damaged skin on and around the lips for more youthful beautiful lips. Ideal as a night treatment, a primer before lipstick and as needed during the day.
Contains some Propolis and Tea Tree oil for protection from common lip ailments. The applicator is a glass bottle with stainless steel roller ball dispensing smooth and glossy Serum. 

This is a results oriented product that was formulated by Robert Heiman, founder of Epicuren and Holocuren.  His passion for health and beauty was ignited by a skin condition that led him toward research and the use of natural, high quality ingredients that transform the health and vitality of the cells. 

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